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Scott’s engagements include direct collaboration with

individuals and teams, in their efforts to become their aspirational versions of themselves.  This work includes facilitating strengths and engagement workshops, the

design and implementation of reward plans, succession planning, organizational development, change management, and leadership coaching.

Prior to founding Talent Enthusiasts, Scott was

Director of Human Capital with Carlson Capital Management, Managing Director of Pepin Consulting, and Managing Principal with the Seabury Group, providing talent

development and reward solutions to the global wealth

advisory and professional services industries.

Scott is a certified Gallup© Strengths Coach, Senior

Professional of Human Resources (SPHR), and is master

certified in multiple talent management disciplines. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on talent,

performance, and engagement related issues facing the marketplace.


Our team of 30-year talent professionals provide the plans, processes, guidance, and periodic heavy-lifting you need to stay focused on your clients and day-to-day needs of the organization.  We ensure you're able to stay at your best.


Each of us draws from a deep reservoir of technical skills, in-the-chair wisdom, and a diverse spectrum of engagements

when caring for your team.  We're enthusiastic about working with you and helping you successfully get to what’s next.

Expertise When You Need It

As our President and Director of Hope, Steven has over 20 years of experience working with functional teams and senior leaders, building and implementing innovative organizational designs. A successful educator, principal and University administrator, Steven has worked with passionate founders to create nationally recognized organizational programs and teams who transform themselves into high performing, dynamic learning organizations.

Steven is a certified Gallup© Strengths Coach, a doctorate, EdD of Organizational Development, and is master certified in multiple talent management disciplines. He is a frequent

speaker at industry conferences, and founder of the

Talent Talks© platform of executive storytelling.



Liz has spent more than 18 years delivering care and operational support to the clients and communities she serves.


Liz brings a deep well of service experience from a broad spectrum of market segments, including education, retail, financial services, and hospitality.


As the primary steward of TE’s external relationships, Liz is dedicated to delighting our clients, vendors, and broader TE community through the delivery of a robust continuum of communication and technical support.


Its Liz’s personal mission to understand the uniqueness of each client, ensure they feel heard, valued, and empowered to succeed. 


Whether connecting with you for the first time, guiding you through your next TE engagement, or helping navigate a billing inquiry, Liz is looking forward to speaking with you.

As our senior executive leadership coach, Caryn uses a strength-based and solution-focused framework, so that leaders are equipped with the tools they need to solve problems, set goals and stick to them, collaborate creatively and effectively with their teams, and unlock their untapped potential.


Caryn is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with over 20 years of management and leadership under her belt. Her first-hand experience studying and working with a diverse range of management, communication and conflict-resolution styles have given her the experience necessary to handle even the most difficult parts of an executive/management role, such as relational repair, productivity plateaus, crisis management, and career transition.


In addition to her leadership coaching with Talent Enthusiasts, Caryn is also a Director of a local non-profit organization. She has graduate-level training in speech communications and psychology with practice in both the public and non-profit sectors. Caryn has also served as an adjunct faculty, lecturer, and trainer teaching strength-based strategies which support and promote behavior change.


Niki has been a catalyst for revolutionary change in public and private schools around the globe. Her origins are rooted in the starting of new schools. She first co-founded a place-based school centering on service project learning in Boulder, CO and co-designed and founded Valley New School, an internationally renowned teacher-powered, project-based, student-centered charter school in Appleton, WI, that remains a lab and model school for creativity and innovation. In teaching practice, Niki takes special interest in individualizing the educational experience for students. Her work in personal learning practices is deeply grounded in the idea that all people can harness their power to develop themselves and their lives. 


Niki has also served extensively as a consultant, presenter, and coach for professionals working to evolve education and personalized learning within their own systems. This includes consulting and experiential capabilities which extend to both the public and private sectors.  Major regional support organizations such as the Innovative Schools Network, Edvisions, Wisconsin Regional Resource Center for Charter Schools, and the University of Wisconsin Madison, utilize her skills and experience. Her individual school clients include startups and reform in domestic districts and internationally, spanning from Hawaii to the Netherlands.


Niki continues to influence students, professionals, and regional learning systems in personalized learning at all levels to generate sustained, positive change. She and her students, along with Dr. Steven Rippe, authored the newly released book, “Transformational Personal Learning Practices, A Universal Approach.”  Nicole is passionate about family, nature, wellness, music, and simple, passionate living.



A strategic consultant and Board member, Cameron’s entrepreneurial and technology work began after a dozen years providing media and marketing consulting to hundreds of Midwest businesses of every size. He has provided managerial, operations, and technology consulting services since 2006 with a strong focus on human process improvement, innovation culture development, enterprise-grade software product development, enterprise systems integrations, digital transformations, and new business model development.

Transcending categories, Cameron’s expertise spans a broad array of industries and he has worked deeply in retail, financial services, medical device, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing.

Understanding where the business processes and points of engagement for both employees and customers are causing friction typically leads to the buying or building of systems that enable scalability while moving to meet the ever-changing expectations brought on by the smartphone era.  Cameron’s experience in setting platform and digital product strategy, driving innovation, exploring disruptive technology, and creating competitive advantage in enterprise environments is ideal for growth-minded companies.

Cameron is a born-and-raised Minnesotan - graduate of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Campus. He’s an active and engaged father of three Ultimate players, only two are hockey players. He’s also a fair-weather mountain biker.

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